Silver Gelatin Dry-Plate Tests

silver-gelatin glass-plate test (self-portrait)

silver-gelatin glass-plate test (self-portrait)

Sycamore (silver-gelatin glass-plate)

Sycamore (silver-gelatin glass-plate)

My first ever attempts at making silver gelatin (half-plate) dry-plates, were, in technical terms, not a rip-roaring success.  I mistakenly thought that just being really careful with the agitation would be enough to prevent the liquid emulsion from detaching itself from the glass during processing. Still, the cracks on the self-portrait have a certain appeal like some mad electrical illustration inspired by Nikola Tesla.

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Pleased to be showing in this exhibition, opening tonight at Telegraph House in Truro.

“‘I’ will include 15 artists who make work that derives from the universal condition of isolation – the exhibition opens at The Telegraph House in Truro on the 5th April and continues until the 20th April.

Artists included in the exhibition are: Richard Alti; William Arnold; Samuel Bassett; Simon Byrne; Tom Chalmers; Stacey Guthrie; Michelle Joyce; Jamie Mills; Callum Mitchell, Shani Rhys James MBE, Lauren Sheerman, Daryl Waller, Belinda Whiting, David Whittaker and Joy Wolfenden Brown.

The works will be exhibited in 15 individual enclosures and the audience will be encouraged to breach these autonomous solitary spaces and experience the work on a one-to-one basis. Through navigating the space, visitors will discover the vulnerabilities that lie within.

The exhibition has been assembled in association with the charity Spectrum, and will include artists who have autism. The overall aim is to celebrate the potential for creativity to communicate the ‘self’.

This exhibition is a key component of the Truro Festival, it has been curated by Joseph Clarke and Olivia Gray in partnership with Millennium, Spectrum and Totally Truro.”

Self Portrait (2010) cyanotype

Self Portrait (2010) cyanotype

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Window (a test after Talbot)

Bedroom Window (Afternoon)

Bedroom Window – Afternoon (from paper negative)

This was primarily made as a test image of the light-tightness, or otherwise of an old half-plate camera I had recently acquired – the angle of the 90mm lens jerry-rigged onto the front is ludicrously wide! The window was chosen simply for being the clearly greatest source of light, though the sun trail is a nice flourish. The reference to Fox-Talbot’s famous negative is obvious … and while the one of the Lacock Abbey, to a degree, changed the World the prosaic reasoning behind the choice of subject matter for the experiment is no doubt similar.

My camera seems more or less light-tight.

William Fox-Talbot (1835)

William Fox-Talbot (1835)


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The Magnolias

Magnolias (lith print 10x12")

Magnolias (lith print 10×12″)

Something Japanese – modernist going on here… maybe just taking refuge in the decorative.

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Precipice (Rough Cut) Super 8mm film.

Please watch this on Vimeo otherwise the quality is poor.

Super 8mm, Black and White, silent (00:02:44)

This is a very rough experimental edit of a short film on which I am working – I have been trying to create some rhythm with the cuts. No sound at present and I don’t want to write too much about it for the moment – will let it go cold for a bit before making a re-edit.

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Gyllyngvase, Flood Tide

Gyllyngvase, March 14th 2014 (14.30 -16.30)

Gyllyngvase, March 14th 2014 (14.30 -16.30)

This image was made during two hours of the flood tide at Gyllyngvase, Falmouth and forms part of an emerging body of work concerned with natural process, photography and time.

The video below records in real-time a nine-minute tranche of the exposure.

Gyllyngvase Tide, March 14th 2014. from william arnold on Vimeo.


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Castle Beach, Flood Tide

Food Tide, Castle Beach,  13.45 - 15.45, 22nd February 2014

Food Tide, Castle Beach, 13.45 – 15.45, 22nd February 2014

A return to my series on tides.  – 2 hours of the ebb tide.

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